Meet Team Doris - Part 1.

Meet Team Doris - Part 1.

Let's kick off our meet the team series… Leanne – fashion obsessed.

Leanne joined us during the winter lockdown, bringing heaps of design talent with her and fresh ideas. Taking cues from travel and trends, Leanne starts her design process with a 2D jewellery drawing and collaborates with our artisans on all the finer details to create the sample. Samples with that spark get signed off for production. Colours are fixed, materials selected, and craftsmanship begins on the other side of the globe. She recalls receiving delivery of her very first jewellery order with such a buzz.

Leanne is the girl behind so many best-selling pieces, including our colour-block enamel vases and gold shell necklace with charming details.

Leanne then leads on logistics, ensuring a super smooth production process, shipping schedule and seasonal stocking. The creativity continues at home, too, with Leanne’s embroidery business @l_jacqueline and weekends hanging out in creative spaces like South Kensington's V&A. Looking for new telly recommendations... The Final Cut is Leanne’s current shout out.

The variety of Leanne’s role is what she thrives on - every day is different, and she loves feeling empowered to bring new ideas to life, keeping creativity at the core of My Doris.

Today Leanne is rocking her My Doris bamboo hoops – classic, with an edge. And she won’t ever part with her mood-boosting, rainbow-hued beaded necklace – Signature Leanne.

Buzzing to develop new pieces for My Doris, we look forward to sharing Leanne's Autumn/Winter designs - coming soon.