My Doris Meets

My Doris Meets

Taking five to get to know Tamsyn Morgan, the down-to-earth model and beauty behind our spring campaign, The Bright Side.  

Share a little about yourself:
My name is Tamsyn, I live in Norfolk, and I have two children.  I first got into modelling in the late 90's, and since then I've worked in lots of different roles on commercial shoots - I've done styling, production, art direction, and photographic assistant.  I am now a photographer myself, mostly photographing interiors for magazines, and also product photography for small businesses and makers. 


Your jewellery style:
My jewellery style is either super simple for daytime, or for special events I love to go with a statement piece of jewellery, either a big necklace or some big earrings - I love fun and colour!

I loved the huge sparkly statement earrings from the shoot, I thought they were so gorgeous and would be fab on a night out!

**Earrings pictured drop 2/2/21 for Pre-Order** 

Advice for anyone looking to start up their own business/fly solo:  
After going through a divorce and starting out on my own, I knew that as I would be working for as long as possible, I needed to do something I loved.  It is never too late to change direction, and yes it's lots of hard work, but it's so worth it.  So, my advice would be to find what you love, do lots of online courses to improve your business skills, and take the plunge.

Small Business shout outs:
The Way of Tea, a sustainable, homemade and naturally dyed fashion label, created by my friend Libby Double King.   
Norfolk Retro in Norwich, a gorgeous tiny shop run by Laura, who sells amazing vintage and mid-century furniture, pottery and artwork.  

Top tips for fellow car boot fair addicts:  
You can furnish your home and create an entire wardrobe from thrifting, and it's something I'm really passionate about - plus it's such good fun!  My top tips are to turn up early to car boot fairs, and to take bags with you to carry your treasures.

How would you describe My Doris is just 3 words:
Gorgeous, passionate and fun!  I loved working with the My Doris team so much.

Current project-in-progress:
I'm doing some moving around of rooms at home, to create a studio space which I'm really excited about - I also have some beautiful homes in the pipeline to go and photograph.