Sari Survival - new in recycled pieces.

Introducing our Vintage Sari bags and cushions, handmade in India.
Vintage Indian sarees get a new life - as colourful fashion accessories.
In a traditional bartering system, Indian women trade their old sarees for kitchen utensils such as pots and pans. Our supplier then travels all over Delhi to collect and convert them.
The factory then cuts the most beautiful pieces from the sarees into strips and here they are hand-woven into fabrics, which are then stitched into these gorgeous pieces encompassing all the colours of the rainbow.
Each design is wonderfully unique...
Large colourful floor cushions perfect for summer-soaked garden hangouts and laidback barbeques 
Square and rectangular cushions with gorgeous tassels for an interior refresh
Feminine and functional woven bags - available in large and small 
We'll be styling with cocktails and plans with friends. 

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