Women’s International Day

Women’s International Day

A day to celebrate women’s achievements and advance gender parity.
We’re IN.

As most of you know, My Doris is female-owned and led, so our first shout out goes to Katie Williamson - our Grand Fromage - who's at the heart of everything. Fast forward four (and a bit) years, and Katie has built a brand, team of 7 females and created a fun, collaborative work culture we all love. Today My Doris is stocked in over 500 independent shops and boutiques, bringing joy to our high streets while supporting artisans and makers in India and Turkey. 

We hope Katie glows with pride when she reflects on this huge amount of hard work and success – we think she’s the bee’s knees: funny, fierce and fabulous. 

To mark Women’s International Day, each of us took a moment to celebrate the women who inspire us. The ones we support and admire. The ones who rise by lifting others. The ones who make our world a better place.

Leila Gregory is my shining light! She works so hard to build her brand Belle Modelle - growing it from a shop in Dorchester, to a fantastic website to now designing and selling her own label clothing. She’s not afraid to take risks, get in front of the camera to sell her amazing colourful collection - her enthusiasm and zest for life and work is a total inspiration.

She is also hugely supportive of me, My Doris and everything we do – whenever I feel like I need a motivational pick me up, I call my beautiful friend Leila and she gets me back on track.
- Katie, Founder. 

Neerja Bhanot – she was an air hostess on a pan am flight in 1986, when it was hijacked by terrorists. She hid American passengers’ passports to protect them, helped people off the plane safely and was tragically killed whilst shielding children. At only 22 she selflessly put others before herself and is a true hero.

She was awarded India's highest gallantry award for bravery, the Ashoka Chakra award. She was the youngest recipient and the first female recipient of this award. 
-Helen, Marketing & Social Media 

My Nan, Marina
She’s been through a lot of hardship in her life but always has a smile on her face. She has a wonderful spirit, a positive outlook on life & a great sense of humour. She is quite the celeb in the office! The other girls love seeing photos of her and hearing tales about her. Now restrictions have eased, I’m hoping to bring her in to meet them all. She plays such an important role in my life; I’m so proud of her. She regularly reminds me that she is proud of me too.
-Leanna, Jewellery Designer

My Mum, the golden goddess herself, Denise
She’s a truly wonderful & beautiful women. She’s so kind and loving, always pushing us to be our very best and supporting us through any endeavour, even the bonkers ones. She balanced a nursing career, three children and a house full of many animals and never let the stress show. One day I wish to be a mother just like her.
-Jaz, Homeware Designer & Photographer 

Lizzy, Lou and Annie - my girls
We all met in Leeds back in 1997, in a world without smart phones, social media and such white teeth! Gwen Stefani was belting out 'Don't Speak’, nobody took phones to gigs, and I was desperately trying to recreate that iconic 90s Gucci look Amber Rose rocked via a pair of polyester bell bottom hipsters from Topshop.

25 years on and they have become my handpicked, extended family. We have this simple saying... 'through thick and thin' - and that's exactly how it is. I'll enjoy reading our what's app archive when I retire. Love them dearly. And still miss Topshop.
-Kelly, Marketing

The Queen - a truly amazing women who epitomizes duty and dedication.
-Lindsey, Queen of Dispatch

Debbie Harry - lead vocalist of Blondie
A real kick ass rock chick icon - ahead of her time. She always looks so effortlessly stylish and that hair! I remember all the boys fancied her and the girls wanted to be her. 
-Mel, Dispatch

Aunt Nan - my Grandmas sister
She spent a lot of her life helping bring up my Dad and his six siblings. When my parents were away for work, my sister and I would go and stay with her. She taught me a lot. How to knit, sew, dress, read a bus timetable, to recite rude rhymes! She was an incredibly kind woman and never complained.

She would never go out without a good brush of the hair and her red lipstick! Even though she passed away when I was 18 I still feel her watching over me now.
-Emma, Accountant 

Jasmin Paris
She’s a British ultra-marathon runner who is well known for breaking race records and beating the fastest men in the field. In 2019, she made international headlines by winning the 268 miles long Spine Race in the UK by beating every male and female in the race and breaking the course record by 12 hours. She did this whilst breast feeding her 15-month-old baby, using the aid stations along the route to express breast milk!
I think she's cool because not only is she is an incredible person, but her strength and resilience has completely changed the perception of what women are capable of in sport, particularly after childbirth!
-Tom, Operations. 

Here’s to strong women

May we know them
May we be them
May we raise them

Happy Women's Day, to all our loyal supporters x